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xtra theme Free
Xtra wordpress Theme Features
  1. Theme Color scheme
  2. Theme Layout and sidebars
  3. Change the position of your logo; left, right, center
  4. Typography settings
  5. 1000+ Google Fonts library
  6. Support fonts subsets and weight
  7. Font preview in theme options that shows all font settings live
  8. Set line-height values for each font type as well
  9. Set different colors for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, sidebar
  10. Set different font sizes, families, margins, letter spacing for all fonts
  11. Loading screen for website
  12. Adding new post types
  13. Blog settings and styling
  14. Customize each widgets styling
  15. Customize Title and Breadcrumbs
  16. Unlimited Backgrounds for boxed & wide mode, per page or post or global
  17. Use a global theme option if you want the same backgrounds on every page
  18. Insert backgrounds in header, footer, main content area and background
  19. Options for 100% background image and background repeat options
  20. Page title bar backgrounds, with parallax effect
  21. Columns 1-12 each have a background image options
  22. Change colors for the varying elements in the header
  23. Select social icons to show in the header along with custom or brand colors
  24. Fully control the size, shape, background padding and more for social icons
  25. Change all margins with ease via theme options
  26. Support up to 6th level drop down menus
  27. Enable or disable the page title bar globally, or per page/post
  28. Insert custom background image behind widgets
  29. Back To Top button, enable / disable in theme options
  30. Control the color of each section of the footer
  31. Various style options for disabling text shadow, social icons, etc
  32. Copyright bar, customize text and enable/disable via theme options
  33. Control the side navigation width and other styles
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